Ensemble 1604 rehearsing at the Edinburgh Storytelling Centre for The Night With… Ensemble 1604. December 10th 2019 (hence the Christmas tree!).

Ensemble 1604 performs contemporary music with an early music sensibility. We bring the delicacy and touch of historical performance practice and combine it with technology to highlight and heighten the sense of playfulness that early music performance needs. As a group we are interested in new music that engages directly with the sound world of early music, exploring this in a contemporary context. Our collaboration grew out of a commission from The Night With… for Timothy Cooper to compose a new work titled …shadows that in darkness dwell…

Ensemble 1604 are:

Lucia Capellaro – baroque cello

Timothy Cooper – composer/live electronics

Alex McCartney – theorbo/lute

Rory McCleery – counter tenor

László Rózsa – recorders