Alex McCartney – Lute/Theorbo

Alex McCartney – theorbo

What do you do?

I patiently explore airports and train stations worldwide — although more recently I’ve been sticking to the train stations when I can.

What excites you musically?

Double dotted overtures and #5/7/9 chords.

What do you have coming up next?

Christmas – I’m going to make some raised-beds for the garden.

Lucia asks Alex – What’s the weirdest thing anyone’s ever asked you about your theorbo?

I think the weirdest thing (that actually comes up a lot) is ‘does it float?’ But my favourite recent comment from an audience member was ‘I’m telling you, the theorbo’s precursor was the ukulele, which is basically the same as a Portuguese guitar.’ – And I found I couldn’t locate the words with which to disagree.

László asks Alex – I have known you for some time now, and I remember that in the past you were not particularly interested in contemporary music. However, recently you’ve become very keen to expand your repertoire in that particular direction. Could you briefly explain why?  Or which one is your favourite train station?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I think more about classical music in terms of whether it has a practice-based creational element.  My nascent interest in contemporary music is tickled by the mere fact that I’ve come to realise it often harbours the same component practices as early music. And my favourite train station is probably York.