László Rózsa – Recorders

What do you do?

I play all sizes of recorders, I research the nature and role of performance and performers at the dawn of modernity, and I lecture various things at the University of Glasgow and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. But most of my time I spend on wondering about why I do what I do.

What excites you musically?

I could be more specific, but let’s go with choices, details, communication, reaction and interaction.

What do you have coming up next?

Touring Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos with the Dunedin Consort in the States and various spots in Europe.  

Rory asks László – What’s your unfulfilled ambition? (musical or otherwise)?

That’s actually a long list, but if I’d have to pick a current enthusiasm, I’d say I’d be really keen to combine my musical activities with theatre.   

Tim asks László – You’ve played quite a lot of contemporary music, do you feel the recorder is well suited to contemporary repertoire or do you feel it is part of your approach to the recorder that means you’re drawn to this?

Well, what actually draws me to contemporary music is the sensation of novelty, and the process of creation. In terms of the recorder, I must admit that however much I like it, ultimately, I see it as a tool that, just like any other tool, has its advantages and disadvantages. If I can find a way to balance these parameters, I’m extremely happy to perform in any genre. And regarding my approach to the instrument – I try to keep this as open to change as possible, meaning I usually try to alter my mindset depending on what I’m playing.